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Voucher Relaxed Travelling on a Plane

429.00 CHF

All those who do not like to fly, have great misgivings about air travel or even a fear of flying



Voucher Introductory Flight 50 Minutes

139.00 CHF

We have put together a small introductory programme for you, which will enable you to experience the cockpit of the A320 passenger aircraft at first hand and to participate in the activities in the cockpit.



Voucher Individual Flight Experience

189.00 CHF

Experience the cockpit of an A320 individually with your supervisor.



Voucher Scheduled Flight – from 2 hours

359.00 CHF

You are flying the aircraft in real weather conditions on a given section of the route. Are you alone? No problem, we will provide the second "pilot". If there are two of you (SimLand Type Rating or appropriate certificates of proficiency....)



Voucher SimLand A320 Type Rating

1059.00 CHF

A series of 6 lessons on different topics. Step by step the most important elements to fly an A320



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