Currently available for you is our Airbus A320 simulator. It is a so-called fixed base training simulator. The extensively equipped cockpit consists mostly of replica components; however, it also contains original parts.

The current weather can be played in live or the weather conditions for the practice flight can be designed as desired. Any time of day or season is possible. Perhaps you would like to be surprised with breakdowns on the aircraft... no problem. The software of the professional level allows many possibilities for training.

To be able to convey as realistic a haptic-tactile feeling as possible, the following original parts were installed to replace the previous replicas:
- Pilot seats
- Sidestick CPT and F/O
- Steering Tiller CPT and F/O
- Speed Brake/GND SPLR Control Unit
- Flaps-Lever
- Crew Oxygen Masks for CPT and F/O

The masks can be used for an additional fee for breathing gas consumption and subsequent cleaning and disinfection.

The image generation for the outside view is done with 3 projectors - each with a FULL HD resolution (thus a total resolution of 3 times 1920x1080 = 5760x1080) on a cylindrical screen with a diameter of approx. 4.7m and a horizontal angle of 200°.

The quality of the simulator - components and software used with all their possibilities - is very good. It is so good that numerous professional pilots now also train on this simulator and have prepared themselves for an assessment with well-known airlines (... and passed). A number of these professional pilots (including both First Officers, Captains, and Instructors) have now become regular and returning customers, which of course makes us very happy and honoured.

Visit us and let us convince you!


Coming soon:

In order to achieve even more realism in a next step, a voice/audio system is currently under development with which
- the radiotelephony (voice) with the air traffic controllers (ATC)
- announcements to passengers (P.A.) 
(P.A.) can be simulated or carried out within the premises.

For this purpose, the appropriate headsets, hand microphones and handsets for the CPT and FO are installed in the cockpit. In parallel, the instructor station and a simplified ATC station are also receiving the means to participate in "voice radio traffic".


img-0412.jpg img-0580.jpg img-0599.jpg img-0701.jpg img-0707.jpg img-1241.jpg img-1244.jpg img-1342.jpg img-1378.jpg 20200111-140654.jpg 20200111-140724.jpg 20200111-140909.jpg p1070186.jpg img-2872.jpg img-2869.jpg img-2920.jpg img-2921.jpg img-2947.jpg img-2949.jpg img-2950.jpg

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