Pilot a passenger jet yourself once…

Get into the pilot's seat of an Airbus A320 and take off on a virtual flight under real conditions - so close to reality that after a few moments you'll forget you're in a simulator.
In our extensively equipped cockpit, you can choose your take-off and landing airport from more than 24,000 airports worldwide. Hong Kong Kai Tak, St. Maarten, as well as an approach to Innsbruck Airport or Madeira are among our highlights for higher demands.
Our attendants accompany our customers individually through this new experience.

NEW: Real pilot oxygen masks available in cockpit!

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New! New! New!


Vacations; SimLand closed

23.06. - 03.07.2024



Hygiene and Protection Measures...



The Hygiene Rules of the SimLand Protection Concept apply.

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