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Individual Flight Experience

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Oxygen mask

Individual Flight Experience


  • Welcome coffee or soft drink at SimLand.
  • 1 hour, 1 ½ hours or 2 hours experience in the cockpit
  • You are defining the programme and choose if you would like to play the role of the captain or of the Co-Pilot.
  • We put together the “crew” of 2 persons.
  • A supervisor from us is on hand to give you advice and support.
  • There are more than 24,000 airports to choose from

Experience your flight in the cockpit of our A320 simulator as a member of a crew of two. While this experience, you book one of the two seats in the cockpit for yourself. We will assign a person to you for the second seat in the cockpit.
As in "real" flight operations, the work in the cockpit takes place in a team: you perform the activities of the respective pilot in the respective role. As a pilot, you operate the controls and are responsible for the flight as a captain. As a co-pilot, you perform tasks such as operating the landing flaps, navigation and retracting and extending the landing gear. You are able to help with everything from preparing the flight to parking the aircraft at the arrival airport!

10 minutest before your appointment:

Welcome and check-in at SimLand. We will be happy to treat you to a coffee or a soft drink from our selection. On this occasion you will get to know your supervisor and flying partner.
During a short briefing you will get to know the most important instruments in the cockpit.
You decide together who is captain and who is co-pilot. The pilot determines the programme for the next 50 minutes. You take the captain's or co-pilot's seat... and off you go!
How about a flight from Geneva to Nice or from Milan to Zurich? You may also try a landing in Hong Kong Kai Tak or Madeira. Many things are possible, and the requirements or level of difficulty can be adapted to suit your abilities.
Our supervisor supports you during the flight in the respective other role and gives you valuable tips and assistance.
01:00 / 01:30 or 02:00
End of your experience flight. We hope you had fun and that this adventure flight has awakened your curiosity for even more experiences in our simulator. Learn more e.g., at our SimLand A320 Type Rating.

We would be delighted to welcome you back on board soon!

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