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Scheduled Flight – from 2 hours

359.00 CHF
Available Options:
Oxygen mask

Scheduled Flight 2 hours


  • Welcome coffee or soft drink at SimLand.
  • Cockpit time depending on booked duration.
  • You will receive from us the needed documents for the flight preparations for a given route section.
  • A supervisor from us is on hand to give you advice and support.
  • Coffee and/or soft drink from our selection are included during your stay.

Are you alone? No problem, we will provide the second “pilot”.
If there are two of you (SimLand Type Rating or appropriate certificates of proficiency required for both pilots), you will officiate as a cockpit team; however, our supervisor will be available to always assist you.

15 mins before your appointment
Check-in. Reception and short briefing about the tasks. Handover of the documents for flight preparation.
Our aircraft is on a Europe tour. So, the cockpit crews take turns for the individual route sections.

00:00 until the end of the booked duration
As a crew, you are taking over the aircraft from the previous crew, make all flight preparations and fly the aircraft in real weather conditions from the departure point to the next destination airport. Then you will hand over the aircraft to the following crew. The individual route sections are predefined, and you receive an Operational Flight Plan (OFP) for your route. The route sections to be flown are adapted to the booked duration for your venture.

After the Scheduled Flight
Short debriefing and farewell. We would love to welcome you back for another simulator event!

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